Important Questions

Together with Manhartova ZUBÁRNA, we share a reception that takes care of all your appointment needs. You can make an appointment by calling +420 792 314 271 during office hours. If we cannot answer your call we will call you back as soon as possible. You can also make an appointment online via the reservation system, or by email at info@de-ha.cz.
One week before the treatment we will send you an email notification with the appointment date and time and the procedure type. Four days before the session, you will receive an SMS from us asking you to confirm the date. You can respond directly to the text message – please do so! If you do not confirm the date, the receptionist will contact you by phone to confirm. If you do not respond to this call, we will be forced to cancel your reservation and offer the date to another client.
Changes and cancellations are possible no later than one working day (24 hours) before the confirmed date. If you know that you cannot attend on the agreed date, please let us know as soon as possible. We will be happy to schedule a new date for you and offer your cancelled appointment to another client. Thank you for your understanding.
Yes – by signing up on the waiting list. Due to the often long waiting times for appointments, we established a waiting list to which you can sign up at the reception. Clients registered on the waiting list are notified by SMS in the event of a cancellation and offered earlier dates.
We claim the cancellation fee in cases where the client does not arrive at the agreed date of treatment and in the event that the client cancels the date less than 24 hours before the treatment. An exception is made for acute medical reasons. In this case it is necessary to present a certificate of health problems from the attending physician at the reception. Thank you for your understanding.
Great idea – the perfect gift for Christmas, birthday or maybe before a wedding! We offer vouchers for dental hygiene and teeth whitening. If you are interested, write us an email, call the reception, or stop by in person. We will prepare the voucher for you immediately.
We currently have strict hygiene and organizational rules against COVID19. Emphasis is placed on limiting contact between people in the waiting room and between staff.
We ask patients to arrive unaccompanied or for their escort to wait outside the facilities. Patients are asked to arrive at the exact time of their appointment.
When arriving at the dental center, please keep a mask on your face, wash your hands carefully at the toilet, then use our hand disinfectant gel. We will measure your temperature and ask you to fill out a questionnaire.
If you are over 60, please postpone your visit until a later time.
During the treatment we minimize the generation of aerosol and adapt the treatment accordingly.
The whole team is protected by protective equipment.
Before the treatment, we call clients and ask them about their current health condition and the possibility of them being infected.


Yes. You can pay by card or in cash with Czech crowns.
We accept payments from Sodexo, Benefit Plus, Benefit.cz, and Edenred. Payment can only be made for dental hygiene and for the person for whom the benefit is intended.


The office is conveniently located directly at the tram stop Strossmayerovo náměstí ( trams 1, 6, 8, 12, 17, 25 and 26). The nearest metro station is Vltavská along the C (red) metro line. From there it is a 1 tram stop commute to Strossmayerovo náměstí or a 500m walk. Kindly see the map.

Parking is possible in metred places near the dental office such as Na Ovčinách Street (near the European GNSS Agency). Another option is Centrum Stromovka mall (700 m, 10 min walk) where you can park for 2 hours for free.

Dental Hygiene

Please come to the first treatment at least five minutes in advance, which is needed to complete a short medical questionnaire.

The treatment itself lasts about an hour and includes an initial examination of teeth and gums, evaluation of the state of oral hygiene, recommendation of dental aids, selection of interdental brushes, staining of teeth with a plaque detector and photo documentation.

The hygienist then practices with you the correct cleaning techniques with a brush, interdental brushes, and dental floss, so that you can practice these at home on a daily basis. 

The teeth are then cleaned professionally according to their current state of hygiene: removal of plaque and pigmentation using Air-Flow with an EMS device, removal of tartar by ultrasound, and removal of plaque and tartar with hand tools.  

Thereafter you will receive selected interdental brushes together with a graphic representation of the teeth, in which it is shown exactly which type of brush to use and where.

According to the state of oral hygiene, another visit is scheduled with the client. In case of gingivitis, bleeding, and tartar, another visit is recommended within seven days to one month.

  1. Request for treatment from your dentist unless referred by one of our own.
  2. X-rays – OPG, Bitewing (detailed interdental images in a bite) from your doctor. You can bring them on a CD, flash drive or send them by email in advance. Images are important for proper diagnosis and examination.
  3. Your dental aids used at home to perform oral hygiene (toothbrush, electric toothbrush, interdental brushes, floss) – we want to see what you are currently using and whether they are suitable for you.
  4. A good mood! 🙂

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your first visit to the dental office so you may fill-out an entry questionnaire with necessary personal and health data. We will create an iKlient account which you can access at any time and find your appointment dates and your dentist’s notes and documentation. You can then log in at https://www.iklient.cz/

It depends on the individual state of the oral hygiene for each client.

If you are visiting the dental hygienist for the first time in your life or if your dental hygiene is less than optimal, it is necessary to count on several visits in short succession. However, the frequency of appointments varies from client to client and the plan will be presented to you by the hygienist after the first treatment.

After the initial visit, we recommend another visit within 7 days to 3 months, depending on the state of the oral hygiene.

We recommend clients with braces to undergo dental hygiene regularly at intervals of 1–3 months.

For periodontal clients and clients with inflammation of the mouth, we strongly recommend regular visits 3 to 4 times a year.

For children ages 5–17, we recommend at least two visits a year.

Clients with excellent hygiene and without gingivitis are recommended to undergo dental hygiene at least twice a year.

Airflow does not damage tooth enamel if the dental hygienist works under the correct inclination of the tip and uses a suitable material – which we do at DéHá .

We currently use a powder with a particle size of 14 μm, which is the finest grain size available. This powder in a mixture with water and air effectively removes biofilm (dental plaque) and at the same time does not damage soft and hard tissues.

Our head hygienist Lenka personally underwent training on the GBT protocol and Airflow directly at the headquarters of the Swiss company EMS in Nyon. 

More clinical studies on Airflow can be found here.

Dental hygiene should be performed as indicated by your dentist. If you decide to receive dental hygiene with us in DéHá, please arrange a request from your dentist, or ask your doctor to contact us by phone or email. The requests do not apply to patients from our referring dentists with whom we are in contact.

You should avoid eating for one hour after the dental hygiene as well as dark drinks ( coffee, black or green tea ), and smoking. This is to prevent the formation of pigmentation.

Talk to your dentist. In general, children under 4 years of age are instructed and recommended by oral dentists. Then, usually around the age of 5, the dentist recommends the child for the first visit to dental hygiene.

Teeth Whitening

Bělení zubů je naprosto bezpečné. K bělení zubů se používá peroxid vodíku, jehož použití má více než 100 letou historii používání a doposud nebyla v žádné studii prokázána jeho škodlivost.

Teeth bleaching is completely safe. Hydrogen peroxide is used for teeth bleaching, the use of which has a history of more than 100 years and its study has not been proven to be harmful in any study so far.

We perform teeth bleaching using the Purewhitening™ home or combined methods. For the reasons given below, we recommend combined bleaching.

Bleaching at home alone will not achieve such significant results, because the bleaching factors pass only through a thin layer of enamel, which after a few weeks will turn back to its original shade.

We recommend a combination of home and in-office bleaching especially for long-term stability. It depends, among other things, on the age and color of the teeth in a particular patient, because with increasing age, teeth lose the ability to absorb oxygen and whitening factors.

If you decide for the home bleaching method, it is first necessary to make impressions at the dental office. We will then send the impressions to the dental laboratory, where they will produce customized trays that will fit your teeth perfectly.

In about 14 days the trays are delivered to our office. Then we will take photos of the teeth and explain the bleaching procedure where you will apply 10% and 16% carbamide peroxide gel to the trays every night for 14 nights.

The combined method of bleaching includes, supplemental to home bleaching, an in-office bleaching session where we apply hydrogen peroxide in addition to the gel used at home.

The whole bleaching process takes at least one month, but the long-term results are permanent.

With conscientious adherence to the bleaching procedure and subsequent recommended regular care, you will have a radiant white smile forever.

During bleaching, increased teeth sensitivity usually occurs during the first week. Any teeth sensitivity disappears after the treatment is completed. If you want to prevent possible teeth sensitivity, you can start brushing your teeth with a potassium nitrate paste a week before whitening – for example Sensodyne Pronamel, Biorepair, or GS Paste Plus.

There are no other side effects associated with teeth bleaching.

There is no need to follow any “white diet.” You can drink coffee, tea, and red wine without restrictions. However, we do recommend to reduce smoking. After consuming dark drinks or smoking, we recommend brushing your teeth immediately.

Teeth bleaching should be started after the removal of gingivitis and all deposits on the teeth such as tartar and pigmentation. 

In the case of a complete reconstruction of the teeth, we recommend to bleach the teeth first and then make fillings.

In the case of prosthetic works – dental crowns, bridges, veneers, implants – we recommend undergoing bleaching before the actual procedures.

Teeth bleaching is not suitable for people under 18, pregnant women, patients with tooth decay and gingivitis.

For Pregnant Women

Bělení zubů je naprosto bezpečné. K bělení zubů se používá peroxid vodíku, jehož použití má více než 100 letou historii používání a doposud nebyla v žádné studii prokázána jeho škodlivost.

Yes. We recommend dental hygiene during this period. Every pregnant woman should have her oral cavity in order before the planned birth. During pregnancy, hormonal changes occur in every woman’s body. If gingivitis occurs before pregnancy, in most cases the condition of the gums will worsen during pregnancy.

At the same time, we will discuss the care of the oral cavity and your child’s dietary habits.

We don’t recommend teeth bleaching during pregnancy. Our recommendation is to wait with whitening until after breastfeeding.

Insurance Company

Bělení zubů je naprosto bezpečné. K bělení zubů se používá peroxid vodíku, jehož použití má více než 100 letou historii používání a doposud nebyla v žádné studii prokázána jeho škodlivost.

Dental hygiene is not covered by the health insurance company and the patients pay for the treatment themselves. Many insurance companies currently provide dental hygiene contributions as part of their prevention programs. You can find more info on the website of your health insurance company.

Do you have any other questions? Ask at info@de-ha.cz or Instagram @dehahygiena.

Or ask in person about dental hygiene. I look forward to seeing you and answering your questions!

—Lenka Novotná

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